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Communities are at the centre of INREM’s work. In our work in Jhabua with Bhil communities, we  started with an attempt to understand the culture, health practices and behaviour, food access  and nutrition. All these brought us close to the people. Then when we came to the problem of fluorosis, it was clear that any technology needs to go into the culture of the people. For this we have two main pillars – first is our understanding of the community and second is trying to bring about behavioural change in the community.


Understanding Community Perception

Through studies at different levels, INREM has developed a close understanding of people, their food habits, culture and health.  Following are notes with description of these studies:

Interaction with health practitioners

Study of Food availability and prices at Haats

Understanding culture, food habits, migration

Malnutrition and its roots

Behavioural Change

Unwavering sensitivity  towards people’s needs have helped us to transform ideas into  useful solutions.  Constantly , we look at problems in the adoption of these solutions into the lives of people. Now, people in the program and beyond are adopting these activities into their regular day to day life.
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