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Ghansam Toliya (age 13), a student of class 8, lives in Miyati village of Thandla block in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. In our first visit he was shy and very much conscious about his disability, particularly in his class. His class teacher was concern about him too. He was able to walk but steps were slow and weak.
After intervention of our mitigation program his basic improvement in physical features and pathological changes are given below:
  Beginning of Intervention After 9 months of intervention
Basic Features Blood and Urine Basic Features Blood and Urine
3-Apr-2011 Collected on 14-Mar-2012 1-Feb-2012 Collected on 9-Jan-2012
Height (cm) 125   127  
Weight (kg) 21 24.5
BMI 13.44 15.19
Haemoglobin (g/dl)   9.7   10.5
WBC Count /cmm 6700 7800
Urinary fluoride (mg/l) 10.9 3.64
Serum level (mg/l) 0.099 0.051
Fluoride in blood serum reduced more than 48% after nine months of taking Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin C and also food nutrition. The fluoride in serum and urine was tested both times in Dr A K Susheela’s Laboratory – Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation, New Delhi. And other regular blood test was done in Delta Laboratory, Jhabua.

Besides this clinical test report there are some evidential and perceptional views from his mother and teachers. His mother Leelabai says that Ghansam goes to long distance taking their goats for grazing. His teachers say that Ghansam is nowadays playing football and can run for a good distance. We found him in recent visit that he is helping his uncle in farm work.

There are two more boys who became active and helping in their family’s work after they are covered under mitigation program. They are Sursinh and Jayesh. Sursinh has improved further. Both these boys now go for selling ‘cow dung cakes’ to Thandla which is 7 kms from Miyati. On the way, they take rest after walking 3 kms at Khajuri village; then again walk for Thandla for 4 kms. They covered this 7-km distance by one and half hours or two hours. They sell those dung cakes at Rs 35/- per basket (topla). Then they come back by bus or any shuttle service of private vehicles. If this is not the improvement, then what can we call as improvement in half crippled boys?!




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