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The two pronged approach of safe water using filter and nutrition of Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin C has shown highly encouraging results. This gives us some hope for these affected children.

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Safe Water

Within the geographical situation that people live in Jhabua and given problems of electricity and roads, we need to think of technologies which can be easily maintained and used. Also, those which can easily connect with people’s culture

With these in mind, INREM has developed a earthen pot filter which uses Activated Alumina (AA) for fluoride removal and Zero-B as a disinfectant. We use 3 kgs of AA per filter.

INREM has specially designed and produced a micro-filter for this purpose. This micro-filter allows a flow of water at 8 litres per hour and is suited for a specific AA based filter.

For more details on Filter Design

Good Health

An important measure of improvement in patients is with the results of monitoring blood and urinary fluoride

Scale of work ( till now June 2012):

No of villages: 4

No of families receiving filter water: 47

No of patients receiving nutrition: 110

Stories of hope
Nilesh run: Nilesh could not walk properly before, … now he can run …
Kamlibai: He was not eating properly before, … now after taking medicines, he feels more hungry, .. Eats more.

For more Stories of hope

Pre-mitigation (March 2011)

After 1 year of mitigation (as of May 2012)

High blood serum fluoride

Lower blood serum fluoride (average reduction of 28%)

Low Blood Haemoglobin

Higher blood Haemoglobin (average increase of 1.2)

Major joint pains and poor energy levels

Relief in pain and exhibiting enthusiasm for activities like grazing, running, playing games etc

Heaviness in stomach

Feel lighter and relief in stomach pain

Policy inputs and results:

Jhabua district: The Jhabua district administration has recognized INREM’s contribution to Fluorosis mitigation and is currently in the process of forming a district plan based on INREM’s work

NRHM Assam: The FMC Model of INREM has been adopted by NRHM in Assam for Fluorosis in Karbi Anglong district...More


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