INREM announces a monthly Water Quality Management (WQM) course. You can apply for this course at

Admission to the course will be based on availability of seats within the monthly slots and upon performance in the pre-course assessment which will be sent to you upon application

INREM Foundation is a part of several nationally important programmes in India through its own action
and with other partners:

The Water Quality programme on Fluoride and Arsenic

European Union (EU) supports INREM on its Water quality management programme in 7 states of India focussed on building District platforms for multiple stakeholder engagement for solving these problems. The goal of this initiative is to build 10 such district platforms across India building sustainable community based models in 1200 villages.

Enabling Water quality solutions at Scale

This Arghyam supported programme focusses to utilize the Water quality network for enabling the entire ecosystem
of partners in government, civil society and citizens, for solutions to Water quality problems across India. The focus here is to reach out and make a different to 10 million people on Water quality problems in 3 years.

Integrated Water and Health Approaches

This UNICEF supported programme in Rajasthan is building a State level Integrated Fluorosis Mitigation (IFM) response along with multiple state departments across 33 districts of Rajasthan. This efforts supports National Programme for Prevention and Control of Fluorosis (NPPCF) and the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) on fluoride contamination problems in the state.

Tribal districts scaling up of Water Health Nutrition approaches

The Azim Premji Foundation (APF) is supporting INREM to scale up our oldest field initiative in Jhabua and Ali Rajpur districts of western Madhya Pradesh (MP) to 38 villages here with direct intervention for mitigation Fluorosis, and supporting the district administration in 150 villages of this region.

Water quality and Health


Bringing about a combined approach to address mitigation of fluorosis with safe water and good nutrition


Unravelling the health impacts of high Salinity in groundwater

Sanitation and Groundwater

Assessing the risk from on-site sanitation towards contaminating groundwater resources

Iron related health problems

Bringing together documented evidences of health impacts of Iron on human health and understanding perceptions of doctors and communities

Hydrology and Management

Meghal river basin

Alternative approaches to river basin management in reconfigured river basins with distributed storage

Forest and Water

The intricate realationships of forests with water and bringing out the current scientific debated on this issue

Sabarmati river basin

Presenting a river basin wide water availability and use for looking at alternative management approaches

Well Driller's knowledge on groundwater

Presenting the knowledge that people have on groundwater hydrology, especially focussing on the knowledge of well drillers

Dug well recharge

Impact of a nationwide programme on dig well recharge to revive groundwater in hard rock areas

Water Commons Game

A simulation game that puts participants in roles of stakeholders linking people to the water commons

Water and Livelihoods

Water Saving Technology

The impact of water saving technologies on livelihoods of farmers

Small-pond Fishery management

Policy and Institutional aspects of small water body fisheries that can expand production and create more livelihoods

Irrigation and Land Lease

The connections between irrigated land and the lease prices of the land

Dairy and water

The water intensive dairy industry and dependence on this source of livelihood by farmers of Gujarat

Policy and Governance

Working groups with Planning Commission

Engaging in policy formulation with the Planning Commission working groups for the 12th five year plan

Panchayat and Water

The functions of Panchayats with respect to water services and their performance across India

Sajjata Sangh - Gujarat NGO Network

Impact of NGOs in Gujarat with watershed related interventions on agriculture

Groundwater Governance

Bringing about a well-rounded groundwater professional through multi-disciplinary education to practitioners

Conference on Commons

Developing an understanding of the Water Commons for the IASC Commons Conference

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