INREM announces a monthly Water Quality Management (WQM) course. You can apply for this course at

Admission to the course will be based on availability of seats within the monthly slots and upon performance in the pre-course assessment which will be sent to you upon application

About Us

INREM brings a fresh and positive perspective to challenging global problems that affect each one of us. In 27 years of evolution, the organization has grown to emerge as a leading group in India that specializes in new innovations and ideas in the space of Safe water and Health.

Under its broader organization mandate of Natural resource management (NRM) and focus of training and research, INREM has now teams in 7 states of India.

One of the sectors where the organization has had a significant impact in the last 10 years has been in Water Quality Management (WQM). Innovations in integrated approaches have resulted in vast health improvements, starting from environmental and nutritional changes.

The teams of INREM now contribute to 3 flagship initiatives that are supported by various philanthropies - Indian and global. The organizations works closely with Government of India and with different state government on several national missions.

The key initiatives that INREM is now developing to have a lasting impact on human society in India and globally are -

Water Quality Network


The experience of community based programmes on one hand, partnerships on large scale government initiatives, research into ground based issues, and expanding fast with digital transformation, is helping INREM have an impact on a vast geography, though having a relatively small team of around 40 members.

Diversity within INREM's team, agility in adaptation to the changing external environments, and a strong internal cohesion within the organization are prime reasons why there has been constant growth and resilience under challenging situations.

The organization takes pride in its commitment with stakeholders and alongside well-being of staff and related communities. Initiatives such as INREM Cares are helping to consolidate this social commitment and expand it to more beneficiaries.

We welcome you to join the INREM Family. Be part of this mission in any way you can. Let us inspire the world together !

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