Developing a Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network

Digital platforms and Changemaking networks

This 5 year programme helped develop the Fluoride network across India which faciliates knowledge exchange and action


Primary focus

Expert and Practitioner Networks

Secondary focus

Regional coalitions for local action


April 2013 – March 2018


Pan India


163 Lakhs

The project facilitated the establishment of a nationwide network comprising experts and practitioners focused on addressing the fluoride issue. It played a crucial role in creating accessible knowledge bases tailored for broader utilization. The project garnered significant attention by identifying fluoride hotspots and fostering collaborative efforts within these areas.

Ultimately, its efforts culminated in drawing national recognition to the fluoride problem, resulting in heightened engagement from both national and state-level programs.

Project Goals

Establish a countrywide expert and practitioner network on fluoride issues

Get increased attention to fluoride hotspots and solutions to problems

Expand allocation to the problem in government programmes

Major Outcomes

Development of knowledge synthesis from experts and practitioners leading to innovations such as Safe water learning cards

Convergence of Network into regional action with the District water quality platforms in 7 locations

Amplification of fluoride issues in policy making with national efforts on education and sensitization of policy makers resulting into significant programmes such as NWQSM


INREM Foundation,
Block B, Paramkrishna Apts, Near IRMA,
Anand, Gujarat -388001, India