Partnerships for Systemic Change

We actively collaborate with NGOs, government initiatives, academic institutions, and businesses to collectively address water challenges. Our engagement extends from the village to district and state levels, promoting a unified and systemic approach for meaningful change.

Our Approach

Collaborative Solutions

We collaborate closely with government and NGO programs at both national and state levels, delivering essential safe water and health services. Our partnership with the Jal Jeevan Mission is of national significance, playing a crucial role in addressing water-related challenges.

Promoting Sector Convergence

We facilitate collaboration among institutions, promoting convergence between various sectors like Water, Health, Nutrition, and Agriculture. Our District Platforms nationwide serve as a notable example of these efforts, bringing together different sectors to work collectively.

Advocating Policies for Change

We engage collectives to influence effective policies that drive systemic change in addressing water contamination issues. Our impact is seen in our policy initiatives, such as streamlining water testing protocols across India and enhancing the visibility of data.

The Impact

Our partnerships with the Jal Jeevan Mission and National Fluorosis Programme have collectively led to significant systemic changes in addressing water quality issues. In Rajasthan alone, we have established 31 District Water Quality Platforms, showcasing the impact of our collaborative efforts.


National programmes with policy support


State programmes in Rajasthan, MP and Assam


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