Community based Research and Action

We work towards creating water-safe communities by combining insights from real-life experiences, community wisdom, and scientific research. Our approach involves active participation and learning, enabling us to identify practical solutions for serious water contamination issues that significantly affect both human and ecosystem well-being.

Our Approach

Sustainable Water Solutions

We enhance resilience by developing sustainable and safe water solutions tailored to specific regional and contamination challenges.

Enhancing Nutrition & Health

We combine efforts to improve both nutrition and health along with addressing water-related issues. Our approach involves developing integrated solutions to contamination problems.

Justice, Rights, and Dignity

We assist those affected by severe water contamination by advocating for justice, upholding basic human rights, and facilitating a transition toward a life lived with dignity.

The Impact

We have achieved measurable improvements in water and health across seven states, positively impacting the lives of over six million people. This success has contributed to the development of more than 50 knowledge products, advancing research and learning in the field.


Improvement in Safe water metrics over past 5 years in 9 districts across 7 states touching 6.1 Million


Developed knowledge products, contributing valuable insights and information.


INREM Foundation,
Block B, Paramkrishna Apts, Near IRMA,
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